My names are Felix Getao.
I am a multi-disciplinary Virtual Assistant with Amazon selling account management and eCommerce skills. I am with more than six years of diverse online experience. I am an avid reader and an excellent web researcher.

List your products on Amazon as follows; 

1. 3 bodied HTML Optimized for category keywords Product listings. Namely; product titles, 5 Product bullet points and product descriptions.

2. Optimizing already listed product listings for category keywords, backend searchterms, quality Images, their display count and order.

3. Inventory flatfile for future uploads and product page updates.

4. 5 Stars Customer Service Set-up.

Increase consumer base by;

1. Enrolling to FBA or Merchant Seller Prime.

2. setting-up campaigns and Management to have them at their most optimal state at all times.

3. Brand Registry.

4. Product videos.

5. Optimized Brand Page for content and A+ Content.

6. Especially verified Product Reviews strategy.

Stay at the top with excellent selling perfomance metrics by;

-: Fast shipping for FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant).

-: High customer feedback ratings; seller and product feedback reviews inclusive. This plays a key to to customer's purchase confidence.

-: Almost immediate or <12 hours customer service response intervals.

-: Maintaining a healthy inventory stock levels.

eCommerce Experience

I have for a long time been fascinated by the metrics of running a successful online webstore, and especially on online global selling platforms.

My touch of this topic spans a period of 4 years and it started off with a basic repetitive customer service task. It has eventually grown into assisting start-ups get their businesses up and running profitably growing in folds every month on Amazon. I have successfully  helped my clients to build their eCommerce stores successfully and to seamlessly accomplish other tasks arising from setting up and running a profitable Amazon sellers account. 

Contact me;
Skype         -    felix.getao
Phone        -   +254 721 368370
Email          -    felix@fffrelancers.com




PPC campaigns

Most Brands selling successfully on Amazon will agree to the idea of this jacks pot, the same however can be the start of demise to your business profitability. There is a very thin line between profitable and non-profitable campaigns and I intend to help you define that line. This is the motivation behind creating this portfolio. All round well Optimized Product listings deserves a go at Keywords bidding not necessarily but especially when audience is not meeting threshold. The key question being, if your product listing is optimized for your campaign ads keywords, lets discuss yours here.

Other Freelance.

I am an eCommerce virtual assistant and Admin support. I am delighted to have you here.

With excellent managerial/grammatical skills, I believe that my knowledge, experience and will to learn will make me an asset within your organization. I am with a variety of skill set and I am well placed to take up on your project with utmost proficiency. Kindly let us jump into a quick 20-minutes meeting for us to discuss possible ways which we can work together to achieve your set goals.

My skills set Includes;
1.  Website development
2.  Website Hosting, Email Set-up & SSL
3.  Mysql Database installation and maintenance
4.  eCommerce development
5.  Amazon/Ebay/Rakuten/Bigcommerce Virtual Assistant
6.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Google, Amazon
7.  PPC - Amazon campaign manager
8.  Portfolio Development
9.  CRM - Customer relationship management software manager



Hire a local Virtual assistant.

Are you looking for a virtual assistant for your everyday and upcoming tasks? One who will not be limited to skill or training when it is something you are willing to offer? One who is  fluent in spoken English and other international languages and excellent in written of the same ? I'd be sure to connect you with a talented individual locally that meets your job description.
A virtual assistant is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely from a home office.
Tasks could include; Data entry, web research, content creation and other administrative tasks, Web development, Graphic Design and (Android) App development
- name it someone can get it done out here.
Rates are yours to discuss with the potential virtual assistant.-

Projects/Hours Count On




hourly and fixed.


plus Hours

on projects.

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Off Thika Road;
Nairobi, Kenya 00100


Phone : +254 707863420
Mobile : +254 721368370



Skype : felix.getao